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I welcome your interest in the website!


I'm Gyuszko Rupert. I was born in 1981 in Budapest, Hungary. 

My mother was a technical designer. Maybe I got the drawing skill from him. I draw with my left hand and my right hand in kindergarten. I got a drawing job at Highscool. I usually get a portrait. Later I got my drawing work at my workplace. Then there was the time I was drawing an act. 


In 2012 I started cycling. I'm competing for MTB Marathon. I started to drawing cyclist in 2018. Mostly in sizes A/3 (297x420 mm) and A/4 (210x297 mm). For A/3 drawings I use an oil pastel chalk. A/4 drawing pastel pencil. 

If you like drawings, you can purchase a costum drawing for you.

Have a nice day!


Gyuszko Rupert

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